The Spirit of Prophecy is To Reveal Hidden Things

Prophecy Vine is my personal journal. It documents discoveries I am making regarding the Gospel of the Kingdom, as prophesied in ages past. It was created as a Scripture study resource for True Biblical Israel, The Natsarim living in these last days. It is my prayer that this blog inspires you to dig deep into His Word each day.

5 YouTube Channels That Teach Torah

5 YouTube Channels That Teach Torah

Four years ago I experienced a spiritual awakening that catapulted me from the milk of Christianity to the meat of Torah. I had invested over 20 years of church going and Bible study with little to show in terms of Scriptural understanding. After...

A National Day of Prayer or Repentance?

A National Day of Prayer or Repentance?

President Trump declared March 15, 2020 a National Day of Prayer as a way to unite the country in combatting the global war against the coronavirus. It is not the first time a president has called us to prayer. George W. Bush proclaimed September...

Yah Has Not Given Us A Spirit of Fear

Yah Has Not Given Us A Spirit of Fear

A spirit of fear has been unleashed on the world in the form of Covid-19 — the so-called corona virus. I have to confess that for a few days, I succumbed to it. My mind started rushing back and forth with thoughts of anxiety and frustration. The...

Abib Feasts on Qumran Calendar

head of the year banner March 25, 2020

passover banner April 7, 2020

feast of unleavened bread banner April 8-14, 2020

firstfruits of barley banner April 19, 2020

Spring Feasts & Observances

counting of the omer banner April 19 - June 6,2020

second passover banner May 7, 2020

shavuot banner June 7, 2020

The Zadok Way website has an excellent 2020/2021 Qumran/Zadok calendar available for download.


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