Back to the Melchizedek Future
by Dr. David Perry, Th.D
Starlight Publishing, 2013

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The Book of the Covenant and the Book of the Law are two different books. The first was the Answer to the Promise Covenant made in Genesis 15. The other was imposed because Israel broke the Covenant. It was meant to be temporary and was prescriptive law until Yahshua.

After his death and resurrection Yahshua was made the High Priest of h Father’s Royal Priesthood, the Melchizedek Priesthood. A change in Priests equals a change in Law. Yahshua restored the original Melchizedek Priesthood, its Covenant, its Law and its issues. This is the Royal Priesthood that we are all being called into. Entrance into this New Covenant is ‘circumcision of the heart’ there is no entry into it without it.

These priests will be keeping the Melchizedek Mo’edim (the Appointments or Feasts). We are to have the mind of the Messiah, not a Levitical or Rabbinic mindset.

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This book is a ‘must have’ for your studies into the Melchizedek Priesthood. Dr. Dave explains in great detail the distinction between the Book of the Law and the Book of the Covenant – that they’re not synonymous, thus shattering the Judaeo Christian religious status quo and breaking new ground as discerning bible students discover what Torah and Messiah is really all about!
Matthew Nolan

Spot on!


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By Steven Monroe
Sep 29, 2014
I just got the book,I am thinking of a way to share this with others. We are so far off the path. Excellent read a must have for anyone looking for a proper understanding.

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